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Elderberry Oxymel

Elderberry oxymel is an age-old herbal remedy renowned for supporting the immune system and easing cold and flu symptoms. This traditional elixir combines the powerful benefits of elderberries with the soothing properties of raw honey and the therapeutic qualities of apple cider vinegar. Elderberries are rich in essential nutrients and vitamins, particularly vitamin C, which is well-known for enhancing immunity. When these potent berries are blended with raw honey and apple cider vinegar, they form a delicious and effective remedy.

Elderberry Oxymel
Elderberry Oxymel

Creating elderberry oxymel is straightforward and requires just a few ingredients and minimal preparation. The process involves infusing elderberries in apple cider vinegar to extract their beneficial compounds, then sweetening the mixture with raw honey to balance the tartness. This simple method results in a powerful elixir that can help strengthen your body's natural defences. Elderberry oxymel is particularly valued for its targeted support of the immune system, making it a perfect choice during the cold and flu season.

The versatility of oxymels adds to their appeal. Elderberry oxymel can be consumed as a shot or diluted in warm water, and its sweet and tangy flavour also makes it a tasty addition to salad dressings when mixed with olive oil and mustard. This timeless remedy exemplifies the wisdom of traditional herbal medicine, offering an easy and effective way to boost your immune system and promote overall well-being by harnessing the natural power of elderberries, raw honey, and apple cider vinegar.


certified organic elderberries, apple cider vinegar with The mother,  organic acacia honey

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