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Elderflower Liqueur

Are you a fan of delightful homemade drinks? Then you're in for a real treat! Allow us to introduce you to a wonderfully aromatic and exquisitely flavoured elderflower liqueur, charmingly named "Beetle's Tears." This isn't just any liqueur – it's a unique creation that you simply have to try making yourself. Unlike anything you can find in stores, crafting your own elderflower liqueur is an experience that promises unparalleled satisfaction.

Elderflower Liqueur
Elderflower Liqueur

The best part? There are still plenty of lovely elderflowers blooming on the bushes, just waiting to be picked! Imagine spending a sunny afternoon outdoors, gathering these delicate blossoms and transforming them into your own exquisite elderflower cordial. This is a fun and rewarding project that any homemade drinks enthusiast will absolutely adore.

From the moment you start, the fresh floral aroma will enchant your senses, and the rich, complex flavours will make your taste buds dance with joy. Beetle's Tears offers a delightful opportunity to create something truly special and personal. Don’t miss out on this chance to indulge in the beauty and flavour of homemade elderflower liqueur. Embrace the experience and enjoy the delicious rewards!


Elderflowers, honey, lemon and lime, infused in  alcohol.

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